We are literally making the field, the court smaller because our athletes are pushing the envelope of speed, explosiveness, strength, reaction and blowing by opponents that have previously been able to stop them.  



E-Matt Athletics Elite Flag football league starting this spring will provide a fun and exciting opportunity for all ages and genders to engage in a non-contact continuous action flag football league. 

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Our Youth Football Camp instructors include current and retired NFL players who provide hands on teaching of skill fundamentals as well as position specific training. We recognize many character values that football engenders as integral to success off of the playing field as well as on it. Thus each day we focus on a key principle and how it relates to football as well as life, with one of our NFL players directly addressing the campers.


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E-Matt Athletics, our main goal is to develop our athletes both physically and mentally to help them move on to the next level in their career. 


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